AO-K-600M 6 in 1 Multi Gas Detector with Pump




AO-K-600M 6 in 1 Multi Gas Detector with Pump. Detects 6 gases simultaneously with a low noise, long life suction pump.

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The AO-K-600M is the latest 6-in-1 gas detector developed by Bosean. It adopts integrated built-in pump suction gas detection method, which can detect 6 kinds of gas at the same time. Imported miniature vacuum suction pump is adopted, with stable flow, long life and low noise. The flow of the sampling pump is adjustable in 6 gears, which is suitable for different detection environments. The flow range is 300-800ml / min.


  • Automatic alarm and prompt in case of sampling pump failure.
  • Real-time detection of temperature and humidity in the environment.
  • Support the mode switching between real-time data display and real-time curve display of gas concentration.
  • Support gas unit switching function.
  • Support mixed gas calibration mode, convenient and fast.
  • Supports external TF memory card storage mode and can read out the stored data through USB cable.
  • Support external TF memory card storage mode. CSV file format, data view at a glance.
  • Various data storage methods, including alarm storage, fixed storage and manual storage.
  • Support the expansion of pm2.5/pm10 detection module to obtain real-time particle concentration information. The measurement range is 0-1000 μg / m3.
  • Support external Bluetooth printer, real-time printing of detection data.
  • Supports switching between Chinese and English, and other languages can be customized.
  • Support GPS positioning function.
  • Large capacity (4000mAh) rechargeable lithium battery, longer service life.
Model Range L-alarm H-alarm
EX 0-100%LEL 20%LEL 50%LEL
O2 0-30%vol 19.5%vol 23.5%vol
CO 0-1000ppm 50ppm 150ppm
H2S 0-100ppm 10ppm 35ppm
CO2 0-5%vol 1.00%vol 2.00%vol
NO2 0-20ppm 5.0ppm 10.0ppm
C2H4 0-100%LEL 20%LEL 50%LEL
C3H8 0-100%LEL 20%LEL 50%LEL
C2H5OH 0-100%LEL 20%LEL 50%LEL
NH3 0-100ppm 25ppm 50ppm
CL2 0-20ppm 5ppm 10ppm
O3 0-20ppm 5ppm 10ppm
SO2 0-20ppm 2ppm 5ppm
PH3 0-20ppm 0.3ppm 5ppm
HCN 0-500ppm 10ppm 20ppm
HCL 0-50ppm 10ppm 20ppm
CH2O 0-10ppm 2ppm 5ppm
VOC 0-100ppm 20ppm 50ppm
C6H6 0-100ppm 20ppm 50ppm

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