AO-GT-S60D Wireless Gas Detector IP66




Ideal for continuous detection of combustible gases in oil stations, gas stations, valve wells, and other spaces.

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The GT-S60D wireless gas detector uses an NDIR infrared sensor to detect gas concentration and transmit it to the main control MCU through a serial port. The main control chip communicates wirelessly via LoRa and regularly uploads gas concentration information, alarm information, battery level information, and abnormal type information to the corresponding controller host. By combining with upper computer software, the statistics and viewing of on-site gas concentration information are achieved.

This detector is suitable for continuous detection of gas concentration in environments containing combustible gases in oil stations, gas stations, valve wells, power wells, communication wells, and other spaces.

Feature Details
Ultra-low power infrared sensor Yes
Wireless LoRa transmission Yes
Integrated sound and light alarm Yes
High-density battery Yes
Anti-theft displacement alarm Yes
Magnetic suction installation Firm and does not fall off
Detected gas Oil gas (O~100%LEL)
Error ±5%FS
Temperature -40°℃ ~ 80℃ (±2°)
Communication method LoRa wireless transmission
Sensor NDIR infrared sensor
Power supply Battery powered
Condition -20°℃~ 60~℃ ≤95%RH non dew
Battery life Not less than 5 years (standard mode)
Dimension 212×190×78mm
Weight About 3.1kg

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