AO-BTY-S100 Gas Leak Detector




The BTY-S100 is a portable gas leak detector using advanced sensor technology for high sensitivity and repeatability. Ideal for industrial safety in petroleum, chemical, and environmental sectors.

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The BTY-S100 portable gas leak detector adopts advanced integrated circuit technology and standard intelligent technology. The detector uses a natural diffusion type for gas sampling and high-quality gas sensors for gas detection, which have good sensitivity and excellent repeatability. It is easy to use and maintain, greatly meeting the high reliability requirements of on-site safety testing. The shell is made of high-strength engineering plastic and composite anti-slip rubber, with high strength, good hand feel, dust prevention, and explosion prevention, and can be widely used in industries and fields such as petroleum, chemical, environmental protection, smelting, refining, biochemical medicine, agriculture, scientific research, universities, etc.

  • Extended flexible probe
  • Industrial sensor
  • Sound, light, vibration, and display quadruple alarm
  • High capacity battery
  • Three-defense design
  • Quick detection
Sensor Life 5 years
Sampling Method Natural diffusion
Power Supply DC3.7V
Alarm Method Sound, light, vibration and display
Charger Type-c
Operating Conditions -25℃~ 55℃; <95%RH no dew
Working Time ≥10h
Data Communication Supports computer software to view data
Ex-protection Ex ib IIC T3 Gb
Dimensions 208×66×36mm (without gooseneck tube)

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