AO-HT-401 Carbon Dioxide Detector CO2




The AO-HT-401 CO2 Carbon Dioxide meter is widely used in factories, workshops, greenhouses, clean rooms, industry and agriculture, bars and restaurants, hotels, hospitals, shops, airports, train stations, offices, entertainment rooms and conference rooms. cinema, etc.

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The Sensor measures: CO2, Rel. Humidity, Temp.
Sensor for use in: Indoor

Portable detector to detect carbon dioxide (CO2).
Continuously monitors the concentration of carbon dioxide in the surrounding environment.
Remember to go outside and breathe fresh air if the CO2 concentration is too high.
The light will indicate the CO2 levels in green, yellow, red colors for "good", "fair", "bad" conditions.
Easy to read backlit LCD display.
Compact size, light weight, easy to carry and operate.


Carbon dioxide monitoring of various industries and agriculture, including construction of factories, workshops, greenhouses and clean rooms.
The ventilation control system and environmental quality monitoring are necessary in the home, villa, office building, meeting room and Classroom.
Environmental quality monitoring and ventilation system for hotels, exhibition halls, hospitals, shopping malls, bars, restaurants, airports, railway stations, entertainment halls, theaters and other public places.
Carbon dioxide gas production and use factory.

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