RD1008 High Precision Radiation Detector Geiger Counter for Professional use




Quarta-Rad RD1008 - The first handheld radiation detector that detects and displays radiation results for Beta- and Gamma- as two separate values.

It was designed for detecting ionizing radiation and estimating the ambient dose-equivalent values, as well as the ambient equivalent dose-rate of photon (gamma- and roentgen-) ionizing radiation and the beta-particles flux density.

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Type of Instrument Air Quality Analyzer
The instrument measures: Radiation

Summary of the Working Specifications

The device uses two table sensors for detecting radiation (Beta-2 and Beta-2M).  While the cost of the device increased significantly due to the use of these sensors, they do allow this detector to detect and display radiation results for Beta- and Gamma- as two separate values.
This the first time that a small, hand-held device can accurately measure the presence of Beta- and Gamma- values in products.

It is astonishing considering that this device weighs only 175 g / 6.2 oz (compared to the typical 10 kg / 25 lbs and above for an equivalent).

 -   simultaneous and separate evaluation of Gamma- and Beta-particles
 -   ability to accumulate dose for two users (acts as a dosimeter)
 -   continuous evaluation with self-test and result correction
 -   automatic re-test/re-set in case of sudden change in dose-rate or radiation flux-density
 -   ability to show Background on display and excess of Background
 -   short measurement cycle
 -   measurement cycle decreases as the ambient radiation increases
 -   ability to track measurement cycles
 -   ability to change alarm thresholds for Beta- and Gamma-radiation
 -   ability to choose audio or vibration alarm
 -   calibration coefficient may be modified by the user


Device with simultaneous and separate evaluation of Gamma- and Beta-particles

Range of indications (μSv/h)

0.1 – 999.0

Scale range of Gamma-radiation energy (MeV)

0.05 – 3.00

Scale range of Beta-radiation energy (MeV)

0.05 – 3.5

Error - of dose rate , not more, where P is the dose rate in µSv/h (%)


Error - of flux density, not more, where R is the flux density, 1/cm2* min (%)


Error - of dose, not more than (%)


Audio Alarm threshold levels - dose rate (µSv/h)

0.20 до 1.20

Audio Alarm threshold levels - flux density (1/cm2*min)

10 – 120

Measurement Cycle (seconds)

21 – 1



Height x Width x Depth (mm)

140 x 64 x 26

Weight (g)


Batteries («AAA») (pcs)


Time of continuous operation, not less than (hours)


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