AO-HT-501 CO2, Temp. & Rel. Humidity Meter




The AO-HT-501 CO2 Carbon Dioxide meter is widely used in factories, workshops, greenhouses, clean rooms, industry and agriculture, bars and restaurants, hotels, hospitals, shops, airports, train stations, entertainment rooms and conference rooms. cinema, etc.

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The Sensor measures: CO2, Rel. Humidity, Temp.

High sensitivity, rapid detection, real-time understanding of the degree of air pollution in the environment, to protect the health of your family. Large LCD screen, elegant atmosphere, monitoring results at a glance. 1000mA large-capacity lithium battery, the battery is long-lasting, repeated barrel charging, cost saving. Key function is different display, easy to operate. Data logging memory 12700 memory.

Fashion design, intuitive data to remind user through eye-catching color. A multi-function test device is used to measure the concentration of carbon dioxide and formaldehyde, temperature, humidity.

Carbon Dioxide(CO2) 
Accuracy:±70ppm or ±3% rdg (0~5000PPM) 
Response time:1s
Temperature Range:-10~70℃(14~158℉) 
Accuracy:±0.3℃(10~50℃),others ±1.2℃ 
Humidity Range :0.1~99.9%RH 
Resolution :0.1% 
Logging Memory :12700
Operating Condition :0~50℃,0~85%RH (No Conden Sation) 
Storage Condition :-20~60℃,0~99%RH(No Conden Sation) 
Sensor life :15 years in normal comm
Storage temp :-20~60℃,0~90%RH(No Conden Sation) 
Battery:3.7V rechargeable Li-ion polymer battery 

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