TY-6330P Portable Syngas Analyzer (CO2, CO, H2, O2, CH4, CnHm optional)


Hubei Fangyuan


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Type of Instrument Gas Analyzer
The instrument measures: CO2/CO, H2, O2, CH4, CnHm opt.

The portable syngas analyzer is based on NDIR technology to measure the gas concentration of CO2, CO, H2, O2, CH4 and CnHm(optional) based on TCD technology to measure the gas concentration of H2 and based on ECD to mesure the gas concentration of O2, at the same time in one analyzer.
The BTU calculation is available too.

  One instrument to simultaneously measure the volume concentration of CH4, CO2, H2S, O2, H2, CO in Syngas.

  The unit has a 5 inch TFT LCD touch screen for human-computer interaction, digital/curve display real-time concentration, simple operation and use.

  Aluminum alloy material, compact and easy to carry (270X136X136mm).

  Save historical data, adjust time interval, USB interface exports data table.

  Soft start power switch, intelligent management of battery power, that avoids the instrument working under low power conditions.

  Calibration menu and alarm value settings are controlled by password to prevent mis-operation.

  One-key recovery of "factory settings", eliminates the need to return to the factory for repair after misuse.

Main Accessories: Portable sample gas washing equipment for dust/tar/moisture removal, including:

  2 washing towers to wash tar and dust;

  1 filter with activated carbon;

  1 precision filter, replaceable 0.3μm filter element;

  1 flow regulator, used to control the intake air flow

  Portable instrument host
  Portable Pre-treatment device
  Intake and exhaust pipe
  USB signal cable
  Power charger
  Instrument Backpack

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