AO-BH-H5 Domestic Gas Alarm




Ideal for homes, hotels, and apartments, it emits audible and visual alarms when gas is detected, helping to prevent fires and explosions.

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The BH-H5 domestic gas alarm, a household combustible gas detector, is made of high-quality gas sensors, combined with advanced electronic technology and sophisticated craftsmanship. It is widely used in homes, hotels, apartments, and other places. Once the detecting gas concentration reaches the pre-set alarm point, the detector will send out audible and visual alarm signals to remind you to take effective action immediately to avoid fires, explosions, and other accidents.

Fix the appliance on the wall at a horizontal distance of 2~4m from the cooker or gas source;

The vertical location of the appliance should be decided according to the type of gas:

  • LPG: Fix it within 0.3 meters above the ground;
  • Natural Gas: Fix it within 0.3 meters below the roof.

Such locations should be avoided:

  • Near windows or passages with strong wind,
  • Water fog and drop or such moist places;
  • Near the oven in a high temperature or easily polluted environment;
  • Covered by other objects.
Product Name BH-H5 Domestic Gas Alarm
Gas Type Combustible
Sensor Material High-quality gas sensor
Technology Advanced electronic technology
Usage Places Homes, hotels, apartments
Alarm Signals Audible and visual
Model BH-H5
Range 0~20%LEL
Gas Propane
Sensor Semiconductor
Sensor Mounting Mode Welding type
Detection Method Natural diffusion
Alarm Point 10%LEL
Warming Time 130s ± 10s
Response Time (T9o) ≤30s
Power Supply AC110*(1±6%)V/60HZ
Consumption <4w
Alarm Mode Sound and light alarm
Alarm Sound ≥75dB
Operating Environment -10℃~55℃
Operating Environment Humidity ≤95%RH Indoor use type
Atmospheric Pressure 86kPa~106kPa
Sensor Life 5 years (under normal environmental conditions)
Protection Grade IP42
Output 1AC110V active output, 1 group normal open/normal close free contact output. Note: These two outputs can be acted at the same time.
Weight 210g
Dimensions 115mm×88mm×37mm (LxWxH)
Standard Refer to BS En50194:2000

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