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Type of Instrument Air Quality Analyzer
The instrument measures: Radon

Long exposure measurement of Radon in work centers

Radon gas is a natural radioactive element that can accumulate inside buildings, including private homes, and can cause cancer. The risk depends on the area of Spain in which the building is located, the local geology and the subsoil.

Using our Radtrak²® detectors it is possible to obtain a reliable measurement of radon levels in your home. Our detectors are specifically designed to measure the annual mean level of radon concentration.

Radon measurement in Spain is normally carried out with two Radtrak²® detectors (one located in the main bedroom and the other in the living room) exposed for three months to compensate for variations in the radon concentration that occur each day.

Methodology for the measurement of radon in work centers

According to the IS-33 - CSN Safety Guide and the EURATOM Directive 2013/59, workplaces included in any of the following places require an assessment of exposure to radon gas:

    Underground workplaces.
    Workplaces where underground water is exploited or treated or thermal establishments.
    All workplaces located in "identified areas".

Radon is a radioactive gas for the detection of which special equipment is necessary. Radon sources are mainly rocks and soil. In addition to these elements, construction materials and water can also be sources of radon. For this reason we can find radon anywhere. Logically underground workplaces are more susceptible to high levels of radon. But any building is capable of presenting high values.

Measurement of radon levels using Radtrak²® is carried out in rooms that are routinely occupied. Contact us to advise you on the number of detectors that you should use in your workplace.

Radon Measurement in Work Centers - Radtrak²® Product Description

With your measurement package you will receive:

    - 1 x Radtrak²® in each measurement package in sealed bag. Our detectors meet CSN requirements
    - Detector Placement Instructions
    - Secure access to our online platform to record the start and end of the measure
    - Telephone contact

If you need more than 200 detectors, contact us to receive an offer

Finally, if you have any questions about the radon measurement in work centers, public buildings or schools, contact us directly by email or phone.

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