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AIS-3 Microbial Air Sampler - with PC software & Airflow Compensation




Widely used in pharmaceutical company, milk product plant, clinical operation room, fermentation industry et al, where microbial contamination needs to be strictly monitored and controlled. Also it is applicable in institutes that need study of the air microbial condition.

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Instrument for: Microbial Air Analysis

Microbial Air Sampler - with PC software and airflow compensation
Sampling head impaction nozzle number: 300
High-capacity rechargeable lithium polymer battery: 6400 mA
Sampling flow rate: 100L / min
Sampling head port flow rate: 0.38m/s, basically same with clean room wind
speed (isokinetic sampling)
Automatic control sample volume: 10 ~ 6000L, minimum unit:10L
Parameter settings and sampling records storage: 99 sampling parameters
setting record; 2000 sample data records.
Applicable Petri dish: Φ 70 ~ 90 × 15 mm;
Charging power: AC 110 ~ 220V
Dimensions: Φ 120 × 280 mm
Weight: 2.5 kg