AO-T-Y02 Air Quality Detector




The T-Y02 is a high-performance air quality detector designed to monitor PM2.5, formaldehyde concentration, temperature, and humidity. Equipped with high-precision sensors and a 70x70mm color display, it offers reliable data and real-time voice alarm.

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The T-Y02 is a high-performance air quality detector mainly used to monitor PM2.5, formaldehyde gas concentration, temperature, and humidity. The instrument adopts high-precision laser dust sensors, electrochemical formaldehyde sensors, and temperature and humidity sensors, which have characteristics of reliable measurement data and stable performance. The instrument is equipped with a 70 x 70mm color display screen and has a live voice alarm prompt function. The instrument also has a WiFi function (2.4GHz frequency band), allowing remote viewing and monitoring through a mobile app while recording historical data. This product is suitable for air concentration detection in enclosed spaces such as homes, wooden furniture, leather goods, office spaces, and cars.

  • Real Person Voice/Multiple Alarms Function
  • One Button Turn On/Off Voice
  • WIFI Networking Function
  • Free Switching of Chinese/English/Japanese Voice
  • History Function, Networking Mode, Supports 24-Hour and 30-Day Viewing
  • Continuous Battery Monitoring / Low Battery Reminder

Screen 70*70mm color display screen
Charging Interface Type-c
Work Environment -10~50℃ ≤90%RH
Weight About 310g
Power Supply 1800mAh lithium battery
Formaldehyde Detection Range 0~2.999mg/m3
Charger 5V DC-1.5A
PM2.5 Detection Range 0~999ug/m3