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Rapid Detectors® for measuring radon at home.

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Type of Instrument Air Quality Analyzer
The instrument measures: Radon

Long exposure measurement of radon in homes

Radon gas is a natural radioactive element that can accumulate inside buildings, including private homes, and can cause cancer. The risk depends on the area of Spain in which the building is located, the local geology and the subsoil.

Using our Radtrak²® detectors it is possible to obtain a reliable measurement of radon levels in your home. Our detectors are specifically designed to measure the annual mean level of radon concentration.

Radon measurement in Spain is normally carried out with two Radtrak²® detectors (one located in the main bedroom and the other in the living room) exposed for three months to compensate for variations in the radon concentration that occur each day.

The world's most effective rapid measurement radon detector.

This is what is included in the supply of the detector

    Detector Placement Instructions
    Information necessary to register on the web, indicate start and end of the measurement and check the result of the analysis
    Analysis and test report of our ISO 17025 accredited laboratory
    Measure in accordance with the recommendations of the Nuclear Safety Council
    The result is the annual average value of the radon concentration in the building.
    Telephone contact

If you want a quick measurement, we recommend using our Rapidos® detectors.


Radtrak²® detectors are supplied in groups of two, but another quantity for measurement can be ordered in any other busy room (eg children's rooms).

Place the Radtrak²® detectors according to the instructions you will receive. Enter My pages with the data that has been provided to you. Enter the data of the measurement location, start and end of the measurement, etc.

Leave the Radtrak²® detectors in the same place for 3 months before returning them to our laboratory. When you remove the detectors, re-enter your user account and enter the day on which the measurement was completed. We will use the information you have entered at the beginning and end of the measurement to accurately calculate the radon level.

Once we receive the Radtrak²® detectors we will proceed to their analysis. The esnayo report can be obtained online in your user account.

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