FS4083 Multisensor for CO2, VOC, Temperature and Humidity (0-10V) for Indoor Use.

Fuehler Systeme


  • 0-2000/5000/10000 ppm
  • mixed gas VOC
  • temperature, humidity
  • 0-10 V, relay
  • LCD-Display

465,00 €

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The Sensor measures: Temperature/CO2
Power Supply: 24 V AC/DC (±5%)
Sensor IP Rating IP30, IP20 (with display)

Depending on the device version, the multisensor measuring device records the measured variables CO2 (0-2000 / 5000/10000 ppm), air quality VOC (low / medium / high), relative humidity (0-100% RH) and temperature. (0 ... + 50 ° C). The transmitter converts the measured values ​​into a standardized 0-10 V analog output signal.

As an option, the measuring device has a backlit display and a potential-free switching contact. The switching function can be defined for one of the measured quantities using a DIP switch and the switching threshold can be set with a potentiometer. The display content can be rotated in 90 ° steps through the menu and the measured value, the set switching threshold, the relay status, as well as the MIN / MAX measured values ​​of the selected interval (1 h / 6 h / 12h / 24h) etc. can be read.

CO2 concentration is measured using a non-dispersive infrared sensor (NDIR). There are 3 different CO2 scales, 0-2000ppm, 0-5000ppm, 0-10000ppm to choose from. Air quality is measured by a VOC sensor and detects ambient air pollution from volatile organic substances such as breathing air, cigarette smoke, body fumes, material emissions, etc. The device has "low", "medium" or "high" setting options for VOC sensitivity. Humidity and temperature are measured by a digital sensor, which ensures a long-term and high stable measurement result. Accuracy 16 scales are available as temperature output The humidity output signal can be determined from the four measured variables% rh, g / m³, g / kg and dew point temperature.

The measuring device performs automatic CO2 and VOC calibration at regular intervals, ensuring a long-term stable measurement. This can be disabled if necessary or done manually on the device at any time.

Furthermore, the measuring device has a heating function for sensor protection in the high humidity range of 95 ... 99% r.h. If the relative humidity exceeds the factory-set threshold value for more than 10 minutes, this heating function is activated. The sensor heats up for a limited time, so it dries out and protects itself from condensation. During the heating phase and subsequent temperature compensation, the output signal remains stable at the last value measured before the protection function was activated.

The modern bedroom enclosure has a quick-release closure, oversized ventilation slots, thermal decoupling, and much more. The multi-sensor measuring device is ideal for use in workplaces, schools, living rooms, medical facilities.

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