AlphaOmega Electronics

AlphaOmega-Electronics is a virtual store for the on-line marketing and sale of electronic instruments and products in general. We specialize in the sale of Data Loggers, Data Acquisition devices, Sensors, Weather Stations and Electronic Instrumentation Measurement and Analysis in general to the whole world, through the Internet, through our "Virtual Store".

We have the best brands: Airy Technology, AlgodueAquaread, Baltech, BANTE Instruments, BD Inventions, Buck Research Instruments, CALEX, CO2 Meter, Comet System, DataGarrison, Davis, Decagon, DegreeC, Delta Ohm, Delta T, ECHO, Ecomatik, Eko Instruments, Electrochem Inc., EME Systems, EMS, Eurolec, Fuehler Systeme, FUEL CELL TECHNOLOGIES INC., GANN, Grant Instruments, iButton, imec, IMKO, KandH, MAE srl, Magnelab, MRC, NAZARÍES IT, Nesa srl, NorECs, Onset Computer CorporationOmegaPine Research, Pragma Industries, Quarta-Rad, Scribner Associates, Sensortechnics, Siap MicrosSolGeo, Spectrum Technologies, Spellman, TandD, TANEL, TSI, Vegetronix, Veris, Waltron, WALZ, Weather Hawk, Wibeee, Wind Measure, ZENNER.