Atago PALBXACID3 Digital Refractometer for Acidity in Tomatoes




PAL-BX-ACID3 Master Kit: Digital refractometer that measures °Brix and Acidity in a single button.

No need for reagents to measure acidity.

660,00 €

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The Sensor measures: °Brix & Acidity
Sensor IP Rating IP65
Sensor for use in: Outdoor

The PAL-BX|ACID digital meter is uniquely designed with a specific scale more suitable for sampling.

This refractometer is used in agriculture and food to measure the concentration of acidity and brix in different types of tomatoes.

Tomato flavor is generally related to the relative concentrations of sugars and acids in the fruit.
A better, tastier combination is high sugar and high acid content.

The PAL-BX|ACID3 KIT includes:
 1 Atago PAL-BX|ACID3 meter
 1 Balance
 2 Sample cups
 5 Droppers
 1 adapter

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