Konted AO-C10TX New 3-in-1 Dual-probes Multipurpose Ultrasound Convex + linear + Cardiac Probe




3 in 1 USB & WiFi Color Doppler Ultrasound probe.

Newest C10TX Wireless ultrasound scanner with dual probe.
Multipurpose handheld convex+linear+cardiac.
This Ultrasound probe can diagnose whole body parts.
The C10TX can be used by wired or wireless connection to mobile phones/ipad/PC.
It is IPX7 waterproof and you can scan whole body parts anytime anywhere.

2 550,00 €

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Communications Wireless/USB
Instrument for: Medicine and Health
Function: Body Scanner

This is our new multifunctional wireless ultrasound probe, C10TX with double head can do Convex + Linear + Cardiac scans.

1. Four colors for your choice.
2. Double battery.
3. IPX7
4. Anti-slip design.
5. Dual head, convex and cardiac, linear scan, three probe, can examine all body, such as vascular, abdomen, cardiac, etc.
6. Wifi and USB two connection.
7. Compatible with IOS, android and windows system.
8. 18 month warranty.
9. Software free download, free usage, free update.

Features of C10TX Dual-probes Multipurpose Ultrasound convex+linear probe

128 element double head convex + linear + cardiac preset 3 in 1 probe
Only 186g, smaller than iphone, easy to carry.
B, B+B, B/M, Color, PW, PDI, B+Color+PW mode
WiFi&USB, 2 connection methods, support working while charging

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