VH400 Economic Soil Moisture Sensor



Vegetronix Economic Soil Moisture Sensor 

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The Sensor measures: Soil Humidity
Output Signal: 0 - 3 Vdc
Cable Length: 2m, 5m, 10m.
Power Supply: 3.3 Vdc to 20 Vdc
Sensor IP Rating IP68
Sensor for use in: Outdoor & Underwater
Sensors Accessories: Extension Cable

Economic Soil Moisture Sensor Probe - VH400
All of Vegetronix soil moisture sensors have the following properties:

Low cost
Low power
High accuracy
Small size
Insensitive to salt.
Regulated input voltage
Wide input voltage range

Note: VH400 model is compatible with HOBO U12 loggers only by using the specially designes SSE Electronics. It is also directly compatible with the analog channels of the HOBO U30 and H22  loggers and stations, and the GP2 Data Logger from Delta-T.

The VH400 has a narrow sensing range, and only senses in the immediate proximity, and so is insensitive to differences in the volume of the medium being measured.

If the probe is going to be buried or if the probe is going to be used to measure pots of differing volumes then the VH400 should be used.

Use the VH400 soil moisture sensors in soils where the soil will have higher water saturation.
Use the VH400 where you need an absolute moisture measurement that is independent of volume, as in the case of measuring moisture in potted plants.

 See Video: Soil Moisture Sensor as Water Level Sensor

The Techno Gardener demonstrates how a Vegetronix soil moisture sensor can be used as a water level sensor. 

See Video: How To Wire Up a Soil Moisture Sensor

 The Techno Gardener shows you how to wire up a Vegetronix soil moisture sensor to a digital multimeter.

Selection Table: VH400 Series  
Supply Voltage: 3.3V to 20 VDC.  
Power on to Output stable: 400 ms  
Operational Temperature: -40ºC to 85ºC  
Output Voltage Range: 0 to 3V  
Typical Power: < 7mA  
Sensitive to Volume: No  
Sensitive to salt: No  
Frequency of Operation: 80MHz  
Internal Voltage Regulator: Yes  
Applications: Low power consumption, sprinkler controlers, moisture monitoring of highly saturated soils, monitoring of ground soil and soil in pots of differing volume.  

VH400 Piecewise Curve

Most curves can be approximated with linear segments of the form:

y= mx-b,

where m is the slope of the line

The VH400's Voltage to VWC curve can be approximated with 4 segents of the form:

VWC= mV-b

m= (VWC2 - VWC1)/(V2-V1)

After m is determined, the y-axis intercept coefficient b can be found by inserting one of the end points into the equation:

b= mv-VWC


Voltage Range Equation
0 to 1.1V VWC= 10V-1  
1.1V to 1.3V VWC= 25V- 17.5
1.3V  to 1.82V VWC= 48.08V- 47.5
1.82V to 2.2V VWC= 26.32V- 7.89

Soil Moisture Sensor VH400 Wiring Table:

Bare Ground
Red POWER:  3.3V to 20 VDC.
Black OUT: (0 to 3V related  to moisture content.)


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