Scribner 855 SOFC Fuel Cell Test System


Scribner Associates


The 855 SOFC Test system is an integrated, turn-key Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) Test System.

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This unit has a zero volt capability for lower measurement range. The addition of a programmable Power Supply extends the 855’s capabilities to include electrolysis mode. Automated, hands-free switching between SOFC and SOEC mode via FuelCell® software.

The 855 SOFC system is known for it’s high performance and accuracy.

FuelCell® Software and Experimental Methods Manual are included. Optional Impedance Spectroscopy & HFR.

FuelCell®  software is designed to control or monitor virtually all of the parameters of an operating PEM type fuel cell or stack and perform a wide variety of experiments.
It is technology independent and may also be used with DMFC, PAFC, MCFC or SOFC type fuel cells. FuelCell®  software is the most popular software in use worldwide for fuel cell research and development.
FCView is a powerful utility for analyzing, graphing, and comparing data collected from FuelCell® . Basic modeling functions are also included.
CView can be used to analyze Cyclic Voltammetry and other DC data collected from FuelCell® .

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