AutoEDU MSEV02 Electric Vehicle Training Stand (Nissan Vehicle)




Plug and Train: Real car parts, real education

AutoEDU specializes in the design and manufacturing of automotive training equipment tailored for educational purposes in the field of automotive technology.
Our products are specifically crafted to facilitate teaching and training activities, providing hands-on experiences for learners to develop a comprehensive understanding of automotive systems, components, and technologies.
Whether for vocational training programs or academic institutions, AutoEDU's automotive training equipment aims to enhance the learning experience, preparing individuals for careers in the automotive industry by offering practical and engaging educational tools.

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Category Automobile-Automotive
Function Electric Vehicle Trainer

This equipment serves as an indispensable teaching and learning tool, facilitating the monitoring and analysis of diverse car systems' work processes. Its functionality allows for a broad spectrum of measurements related to the installed system, ongoing process parameters, fault simulations, and diagnostic procedures.

The training equipment is specifically designed and meticulously manufactured to enable learners to comprehend the structure of the unit, understand the composition of the system, and grasp the underlying principles of operation.

It is a versatile resource that supports the accomplishment of various laboratory tasks, providing learners with clear and convenient information for an enriching educational experience.

Training stand based on real Nissan vehicle.

Technical specifications and functions:

- Electric motor
- Electric controller
- Electric battery
- Electric Air conditioner compressor
- All systems and components are connected by high voltage cables. All components are covered with protective plexiglass for safety reasons
- All components are mounted on an aluminium frame with castors.
- Diagnosis through OBD 16 pole diagnostic socket
- High voltage unit is ready for safe use in the training process
- Battery with high-voltage disconnect fuse is easily accessible for training purposes

Including :

- 10 faults on EV CONTROL SYSTEM;

- Open contacts (break – out – box) on EV CONTROL SYSTEM for a measurement (CAN including);

- Prepared measurement procedures for a high voltage measurement + instructions in manuals with pictures and explanations

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