PMTP-03 Toyota PRIUS III Hybrid ½ - functional model




Functional Vehicle based on Toyota PRIUS III Hybrid

Fully functional model is as an alternative for a complete  vehicle, just in space saving version, and it has the same advantages of a complete car. The functional model made from Toyota Prius III, by separation of body just after the B-pillars. In the front end all the components like engine air conditioning system and other components remain fully functional. The functional model remains mobile with the help of additional swivel casters.

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Category Automobile-Automotive
Function Functional Model Car

• Educational fully operational vehicle.
• Electrical system with the front end fully functional
• Alternative to complete vehicle – space-saving version, complete front end with complete back electrical part, the bumper and tail light
• Two front wheels and rear-mounted rollers for movement
• Engine, ABS, AC, Air BAG’s and etc. diagnostics

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