TA80V Smart Vet Ventilator + Anesthesia Machine


TooToo Meditech


Integrated oxygen compressor, ventilator, anesthesia and monitor, makes easier surgery operation

Multiple breathing modes: VCV, PCV SPONT, manual and demo
Intelligent spontaneous mode avoids breathing confrontation
Parameters are calculated automatically by setting weight
FiO2 monitoring
Time adjustable apena alarm
2 power sockets for monitor, oxygen generator or infusion pump
Veterinary double oxygen flow meters
Double bellows with 0-300ml/1500ml capacity

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Instrument for: Veterinary

Drive Mode: electric control
Tidal volume: 3-1600ml(mechanical control)
5-1600ml(manual control)
Frequency: 1-100bpm
I:E: 9.9:1 to 1:9.9
PEEP:OFF 3-20cmH20
Oxygen Flow Meter Range: 0-1/1-10L/min(double tubes)
Air Flow Meter: 0-10L/min

Concentration Rang: Isoflurane/Enflurane 0.2-5%
Flow rate range: 0.2 to 15L/min

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