AutoBP Auto Back Pressure Unit


Scribner Associates


The Auto Back Pressure Unit works with Scribner Associates’ 840850e and 890e Fuel Cell Test Systems for accurate, independent control and measurement of anode and cathode pressure through the FuelCell® software.

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- Automatic control of back pressure from 10 to 300 kPag (1.5 to 44 psig)
- All stainless steel construction – regulators, condensate collection tanks, tubing and fittings
- Dual channel with isolated flow paths & fan-cooled heat exchangers
- High-precision, water-tolerant regulators and large flow paths
- Accurate pressure control (±3.5 kPa or 0.5 psi) & stability from 0.1 – 10 SLM
- Precision pressure transducers
- Operation with gas with dew point up to 120 °C at 10 SLM
- Flexible pressure control through FuelCell®
- Independently control or balance anode & cathode pressure
- Control excess gas flow during pressure increases
- Maximum back pressure & differential pressure set points and alarm triggers
- Program pressure profiles using Change Pressure Experiment or Arbitrary Control Experiment

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