580 Battery Test System (8 channels expandable to 32) (current range from 10 μA to 1 A)


Scribner Associates


The 580 Battery Test System was designed to meet the specific demands of our loyal customers.
This system is used to test both single cell batteries as well as super-capacitors.
Our powerful, flexible, user friendly BCycle® software is included with the instrument.

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Communications USB
Number of channels 8 (Expandable to 32 Channels)
Current Range From 10 μA to 1 A
Compliance Voltage -2.000V to +10.000V
Impedance 2 frequency HFR; user-defined frequencies

- 6 current ranges from 10 μA to 1 A
- 5 terminal measurement
- Control modes: current, voltage, power
- HFR for internal resistance
- 100 pts/sec sample rate
- BCycle® software – user-friendly, powerful, flexible

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