SAI-Cell-25 Dual-Area Fuel Cell Fixture with POCO Graphite Flow Fields for 5 & 25 cm2


Scribner Associates


Our innovative design accepts both 5 cm2 and 25 cm2 active area flow fields reducing cost and increasing flexibility. Custom flow fields available on request. Membrane electrode assembly not included. Made in the USA.

Dual-Area Fuel Cell Fixture with POCO Graphite Flow Fields

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Scribner’s Dual Area Fuel Cell Fixture is THE standard in research-grade single cell PEMFC fixtures. The fixture includes all of the components necessary for R&D of low- and high-temperature PEMFCs and DMFCs: anodized aluminum end-plates with integrated heaters, thermocouple and stainless steel Swagelok® fittings; gold-plated current collectors, ultra-high purity POCO graphite flow fields; and heavy-gauge, low resistance load cables

- Dual area fuel cell fixture – suitable for use with 5 and 25 cm2 area cell
- Save money – Use the same cell hardware with 2 flow field sizes!
- Anodized aluminum end plates standard (also available in stainless steel)
- High performance sealed POCO graphite flow fields (2 sizes)
- Compatible with Fuel Cell Technologies, Inc. flow fields
- Compatible with BekkTech in-plane conductivity cell (BT-112)
- Configured for 110 V or 220 V operation
- Operating temperature up to 200 ºC

  • Components

- POCO graphite flow fields (2) with precision machined, serpentine flow-pattern (custom designs available on request)
- Gold-plated copper current collectors (2)
- Anodized aluminum end plates (2) with reactant input/output ports, stainless steel Swagelok compression fittings, cartridge heaters and thermocouple well with 1/16 inch  (1.5 mm) diameter fitting
- 24” heavy-gauge copper conductor load cables
- Gaskets – 51, 152 and 254 micrometer (0.002, 0.006 and 0.01 inch)
- Templates for preparation of gaskets
- Additional hardware such as bolts, washers, fittings

- Gore PRIMEA® Membrane Electrode Assembly

- SGL Carbon SIGRACET® 25 BC Gas Diffusion Media

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