850-Multigas Auto Multigas Unit


Scribner Associates


The 850 Auto Multigas Unit is a computer controlled system featuring automated gas switching. Combined with the 885 Potentiostat, the 850 Auto Mulitgas Unit provides enhanced fuel cell diagnostic and characterization of hydrogen crossover for electrochemical surface area [ECSA] measurement by CV.

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- Automatic selection of input gases from Scribner Associates’
- FuelCell® software
- Select 1 of 3 gases each for Anode & Cathode
- Combine with 885 Potentiostat for fully-automated  Crossover, ECSA & other diagnostics
- Easy installation & set-up
- Compatible with all 850 Multi-range Fuel Cell Test Systems.
- Automatic Water Fill Method (requires water feed at 30 PSIG min. or 20 PSIG above back pressure)

+ For customers looking for a low cost version, we offer a manual unit. Please, contact us for more information.

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