840 PEM Fuel Cell Test System 500W


Scribner Associates


The 840 PEM Fuel Cell Test System 500W is a turn-key test station for fuel cell research and university education programs. The 840 combines a computer-controlled instrument with fuel handling hardware in an integrated bench-top unit. The 840 is designed for use with small to large single cells or short stacks.

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The Model 840 is targeted for applications requiring gas flow rates up to 12 SLPM and is based on the time-tested 850 series of turn-key fuel cell test stations. The 840 features dual range anode and cathode mass flow controllers for wide range flow control which is ideal for RH cycling. Also included are input selector valves and a 16-channel data acquisition module for additional voltage and temperature measurements.

The Model 840 uses Scribner’s 890e Multi-Range Electronic Load for accurate, wide-range current measurement. And, the Model 840 comes with FuelCell®, the industry’s most powerful and user-friendly application software for controlling station operation and experimentation.

- Increased flow rate capability 6-12 SLPM
- Humidifier bypass for wet/dry testing
- Multiple current ranges for accurate measurement over wide dynamic range
- Impedance spectroscopy & HFR option
- Anode & cathode gas mixing options
- Suitable for up to 50 cm2 cells and small stacks
- 890e Electronic Load: 5/25/100 A 125 W, 10/50/100 A 125 W, 12/62/125 A 500 W, 25/125/250 A 500 W
- 892 Data Acquisition Module: 16 channels of voltage/temperature integrated with FuelCell®
- Dual anode & cathode mass flow controllers for enhanced accuracy over wide flow range
- Large capacity anode & cathode stainless steel humidifiers with automatic water fill
- Automated humidifier by-pass for wet/dry cycling
- Flexible stainless steel temperature controlled heated gas transfer lines
- Dual anode & cathode input gas selector valves
- FuelCell® software for user-friendly computer-controlled cell operation & experimentation
- Constant or stoichiometric-controlled reactant flow rate
- Constant current, voltage or power control modes
- Continuous, real time cell resistance measurement by Current Interrupt & HFR
- High impedance whole cell & reference electrode voltage sense inputs
- Simultaneous 3-channel whole- and half-cell EIS
- Automatic shutdown & purge for safe, reliable operation
- Single USB interface
- Automatic Water Fill Method (requires water feed at 30 PSIG min. or 20 PSIG above back pressure)

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