BT-115 4-Electrode Conductivity Cell (for Electrochem Inc. Fuel Cells)


Scribner Associates


4-Electrode Scribner Conductivity Cell

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Assemble your bare membrane sample into the Conductivity Cell. The Conductivity Cell is then assembled into your ElectroChem, Inc. fuel cell hardware. Connect the fuel cell hardware to your test stand to control the temperature, humidity, gas type, and pressure of the membrane sample under test.

The advantage of the 4-electrode in-plane conductivity measurement is the ability to measure impedance (resistance) due only to charge transport and exclude interfacial and charge transfer resistances. By considering only resistance due to ion transport, accurate assessment of in-plane membrane conductivity can be made.

Operating Parameters:

  • Temperature: To 120 °C / New High Temperature Option to 200 °C
  • Gas Flow Rates: Determined by your test stand parameters
  • Pressure: Determined by your test stand parameters
  • Use with Electrochem 5, 10, and 25 cm2 fuel cell test hardware

Features of the BekkTech In-Plane Conductivity Cell:

  • Tests pure membrane samples. Fabrication of a catalyzed sample (CMM or MEA) is not required.
  • In-plane, four electrode technique
  • Control of humidity and pressure using your existing fuel cell test system
  • High temperature testing (to 120 °C)

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