Scribner 620-ETS PEM/AEM Water Electrolysis Test Station


Scribner Associates


The 620 Electrolyzer Test System (ETS) is a bench-top, fully-integrated instrument designed for testing and evaluating both Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) and Anion Exchange Membrane (AEM) Water Electrolysis systems.
This system provides a comprehensive solution for researchers, engineers, and scientists working on the development and optimization of electrolyzer technologies.

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Integrated Functionality:

- Incorporates an integrated Power Supply, Potentiostat, Impedance Analyzer for Electrochemical - Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) & Hydrogen Flux Rate (HFR) measurements.
- Real-time sensors for Product Flow Rate and Cross-over Monitoring enhance comprehensive analysis.

Ideal for Detailed Analysis:

- Designed for laboratories requiring detailed control, diagnostics, and analysis of single-cell PEM or AEM water electrolysis cells.

FlowCell-ETS® Software:

- Employs powerful FlowCell-ETS® software for complete control and monitoring of the test cell.
- Offers a range of built-in experiments, including constant, scanning, or step-stair voltage or current controlled measurements.

Versatile Experiments:

- Enables a variety of experiments for detailed evaluation, ensuring flexibility in testing methodologies.

Real-Time Monitoring:

- Provides real-time monitoring capabilities for enhanced insights into electrolysis processes.

The 620 ETS is a sophisticated tool that facilitates precise control, diagnostics, and analysis, making it an invaluable asset for researchers and laboratories engaged in advanced studies of PEM and AEM water electrolyzer technologies.

4 current range Potentiostat ±0.07 / 0.7 / 7 / 20 A, ±5 V, 100 W
Programmable Power Supply for operation up to 100 A, 5 V, 500 W
Automated switching between Potentiostat and Power Supply mode
Mass flow meters for real-time O2 and H2 product flow rate monitoring
Independent, dual heated liquid feeds for cell positive and negative electrodes
EIS and HFR in Potentiostat mode
EIS data compatible with ZView®, the world’s leading impedance analysis & equivalent circuit modelling software
Whole cell voltage plus two high-impedance reference electrode inputs for half-cell data
FlowCell-ETS® application software for complete system control, experiment sequencing, graphing and data acquisition
Integrated back pressure to 2 barg
Compatible with DI Water and Alkaline Feed Stocks
N2 purge on Cathode with Supplemental N2 on Anode
Recirculating or single-pass operating mode
Feed tank level balancing and recirculating
In-line high-temperature Ion Exchange cartridge to maintain DI water purity
Integrated 892 Data Expansion Module for additional 8 temperature + 8 analog inputs, e.g., pressure transducers
Safety features: E-Stop, Over Voltage/Current, Over Temperature, Product Gas Cross-Contamination

Cell Components:

Flow fields with precision machined serpentine or interdigitated flow pattern (custom flow patterns available)
Gold-plated copper current collectors
End plates with reactant input/output ports, stainless steel Swagelok® compression fittings, cartridge heaters and thermocouple well
60 cm (24 in.) heavy-gauge copper conductor load cables
Gaskets, gasket templates and additional hardware such as bolts, washers, fittings and O-rings

Ion Power HYDRION PEM Water Electrolyzer Membrane Electrode Assembly
SGL Carbon SIGRACET® 25 BC Gas Diffusion Media for Negative (H2) Electrode
Platinized Titanium porous media for the electrolyzer cell