MTS-740 Membrane Test System


Scribner Associates


The 740 Membrane Test System is ideally suited for development of new ionomers and solid electrolytes. It offers rapid and accurate measurement of the through-thickness membrane resistance and conductivity as a function of temperature, humidity level and pressure.

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The 740 Membrane Test System eliminates the time-consuming approach of catalyzing a membrane and assembling a fuel cell to evaluate the ionomer performance.Membrane Test System

- Scribner offers two compatible Frequency Response Analyzers for the 740 Membrane Test System: Solartron Analytical 1260 FRA and PSM1735 FRA from Newton’s4th.
- Uses bare (non-catalyzed) membranes
- Small sample size 6 mm x 30 mm
- Spring-loaded sample compression – easy, repeatable sample loading up to 400 PSI (2.76 MPa)
- Rapidly characterize samples over wide temperature & RH
- Robust method – accurate, repeatable & reliable
- Custom MTS4 Software for complete measurement process control and data acquisition
- CorrWare®, ZPlot® , MultiStat®, ZPlot·Lab™ & ZView® software for measurement and analysis of sample impedance
- Wet and dry gas mixing for accurate and precise RH control and rapid RH cycling
- Test chamber backpressure control, condenser and collection tank for high-temperature operation
- In-situ sample temperature and dewpoint measurement for real-time RH monitoring
- Control and monitoring of multiple process temperatures
- Rapid, easy cell assembly with accurate and repeatable sample compression
- Multiple alarms for safe operation
- Cell lock-feature for safe operation at elevated temperature, pressure and H2 gas
- Automatic shutdown and N2 purge on alarm condition
- Detailed cell assembly instructions and data analysis procedure
- Native USB interface to PC for easy set-up

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