885 Fuel Cell Potentiostat


Scribner Associates


-  Scribner extends its groundbreaking line of tabletop fuel cell testing equipment with the 885 Fuel Cell Potentiostat.
-  The 885 bolts directly to Scribner’s 850 Multi-Range Fuel Cell Test Systems or 890 / 890C / 890ZV Fuel Cell Test Loads (different form-factors), offering an easy, efficient testing platform while delivering real results with Scribner Associates’ fuel cell test systems.

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-  Integrated potentiostat for 840 /850 / 855, Series Fuel Cell Test Systems / 890 Series Fuel Cell Test Loads
-  3 current ranges for maximum flexibility and current accuracy (20 mA, 200 mA, 2 A)
-  ZView® included for EIS data analysis
-  Sweep function for CV and LSV measurements
-  Automated switching between load and potentiostat operation
-  Combine with the 850 Auto Multigas Unit for automated switching between normal fuel cell operation and diagnostic mode (CV/LSV
-  Perform automated experiments within FuelCell®
-  No need to swap cell leads to use potentiostat functions
-  Voltammetry for in-situ fuel crossover & electrochemical surface area measurement
-  Potentiostatic mode for electrode and catalyst support durability test
-  Fine current resolution for high accuracy Tafel experiments
-  Quick & easy Installation
-  Data analysis with FCView®and CViewTM
-  Optional FRA for EIS measurements (1mHz to 40 kHz)

-   Figure 1: PEM fuel cell hydrogen crossover acquired by linear sweep voltammetry using Scribner’s 885 Fuel Cell Potentiostat (red) and a commercial potentiostat (black).
-  The small dip in current near 0.4 VRE is a feature of the fuel cell. Test conditions given in figure.

-   Figure 2: PEM fuel cell cyclic voltammetry data using Scribner’s 885 Fuel Cell Potentiostat (red) and a commercial potentiostat (black).
-   Cyclic voltammetry is used for in-situ electrochemical active surface area characterization of PEM fuel cell electrodes. Conditions given in figure.

885 Fuel Cell Potentiostat Installation Video:

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