BT-110 Membrane Clamp for Measuring Ionic Conductivity


Scribner Associates


The BT-110 Conductivity Clamp is used to obtain in-plane resistance and ionic conductivity of bare ionomer membrane samples. The Conductivity Clamp is designed to be used in a humidity chamber or in a beaker.

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The advantage of the 4 - electrode measurement is the ability to measure resistance due only to charge transport while excluding interfacial and charge transfer resistances. By measuring only the resistance due to ion transport, accurate assessment of in-plane membrane conductivity can be made.

Valuable time and money can be saved by analyzing ion charge transport resistance prior to catalyzation of the membrane and assembly of the MEA into a fuel cell.

- Tests pure membrane samples
- In-plane, 4 - electrode technique
- Recommended membrane sample size: 25 mm x 3 mm
- Temperatures : Up to 150 °C designed for use in an environmental chamber or liquid
- Test bare membrane samples – fabrication of a catalyzed sample (CCM or MEA) is not required
- True 4 - electrode technique
- Small sample size – 25 mm x 3 mm
- Temperatures up to 150 °C

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