Electric Cream Separator Motor Sich 100-18

Sich 100-18

Milky Day


- Material: steel, aluminum
- Disc material: Aluminum
- Capacity: 100L / H
- 2 years warranty

275,00 €

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---------- INDUSTRY ------------ Dairy Industry

Made of metal!

This cream separator is completely made of metal. Good combination of quality and price. 

With this cream separator you can make cream, sour cream and low fat milk at home. We are sure there are more products you can make but we mentioned the most popular.

You can separate milk of cow, goat, sheep, camel and others.
All parts that contact food are made of aluminum. Of course stainless steel is the best material but aluminum is on the second place from the top.

Capacity:    80-100 liters/hour

Type of power:    Electrical

Power of motor:    55 W

Power supply:    115v/60Hz

Number of disks:    12

Milk container (bowl) capacity:    3.2 gallons

Max. fat content in skimmed milk:    0,05 %

Cream/skimmed milk proportion range:    1:4 - 1:10

Model:    100-18

Material:    Aluminum

Milk container (bowl) material:    Aluminum alloy

Float chamber material:    Aluminum alloy

Outlets material:    Aluminum alloy

Body material:    Painted steel

Milk container (bowl) diameter:    36,5 cm

Brand:    Motor Sich

Strengths:    Price, Solid metal housing, Long-lasting motor

Weaknesses:    The disks are not anodized

Length:    36,5 cm

Width:    36,5 cm

Height:    52 cm

Weight:    7 kg

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