Atago PALBXACID1 Digital Refractometer Kit for Acidity in Citrus




Digital refractometer that measures °Brix and Acidity with a single button.

No need for reagents to measure acidity.

660,00 €

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The Sensor measures: °Brix & Acidity
Sensor IP Rating IP65

 Hand instrument indicated for measurements in citrus.

 The digital refractometers of the PAL range are small and allow them to be transported comfortably and used both in the laboratory and in outdoor work.

 Main features:
- IP65 protection.
- Just two or three drops as a sample.
- Light and compact.
- With Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC).
- Digital reading instrument.
- Analysis speed. Simply pour a drop onto the prism surface and press the START button. The value will be displayed in just 3 seconds.
- Can be used with samples at high temperatures.
- Only water is needed to calibrate the refractometer.
- Storage case included.

The PAL-BX|ACID1 KIT includes:
 1 Atago PAL-BX|ACID1 Meter
 1 Balance
 2 Sample cups
 5 Droppers
 1 adapter

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