Area measurement when using radon dosimetry SKU: 510079

SKU: 510079



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Type of Instrument Gas Analyzer
The Sensor measures: Radón

Measurement packages to monitor radon concentration where personal dosimeters are stored

The following is included in the measurement package:

- 3 Rapidos® radon detectors in airtight bags
- Analysis and measurement report from our accredited laboratory
- Login information so that you quickly have the opportunity to view the analysis results in the My Pages section of our website

- Telephone support if you need help

This is how the number of radon detectors needed is calculated:

 - At least one radon detector will be placed in all rooms where staff spend more than 4 hours a day
- If the staff moves between 2 or more rooms and the working time in these is more than 4 hours a day, all rooms must be measured.
- All underground rooms where staff spend more than 50 hours a year should be measured
- For larger premises, a radon detector for 150 m² will be placed on the ground floor and a detector for 250 m² on the other floors

These instructions are based on the CSN's recommendations for calculating the number of radon detectors in workplaces.

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