AO-K-EP61 Dust Online Monitoring System




The AO-K-EP61 dust online monitoring system enables control departments to trace the source of dust pollution, conduct preliminary quantitative analysis, and perform remote monitoring, providing scientific technical support for effective urban dust pollution control.

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The dust source exhibits characteristics of openness, multi-source space, extensiveness, and randomness of emission. By implementing an online dust monitoring system, law enforcement departments can trace the source of dust pollution, conduct a preliminary quantitative analysis of the degree of pollution, perform remote monitoring of dust pollution violations, and provide more scientific technical support for the effective control of urban dust pollution.

The system integrates real-time particulate monitoring, meteorological monitoring, the Internet of Things, and cloud computing into a cohesive unit. It enables more precise positioning of the dust pollution source, online monitoring of various particle concentrations (including TSP, PM10, and PM2.5), features high-concentration alarm characteristics, and can implement online monitoring of unstructured dust sources, achieving a significant effect.

General Features:

  • Monitored Parameters: PM2.5, PM10, TSP, temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, atmospheric pressure, noise, light
  • Power supply: AC220V
  • Communication mode: Wired/wireless transmission
  • LED: 54*102cm
  • Equipment support: 2m/3m poles (optional)
  • Relay output: 3 wires, connected to the secondary relay
  • Watertight caisson: Used to install the acquisition instrument or power system

System Composition:

  • Perception layer: Online pollution source monitor, including particle concentration monitor, meteorological multi-parameter monitor, noise monitor, and video monitoring camera, for particle concentration, meteorological parameters, noise, and on-site video are monitored continuously and automatically online to realize real-time data reporting.
  • Transmission layer: Various monitoring data are transmitted by wired and wireless means.
  • Platform layer: Data service cloud platform, relying on the data of the dust and noise monitoring platform under construction, carries out systematic analysis, provides cross-region, full-time and multi-level data mining and comparison, and provides data support for scientific haze control.
  • Application layer: For different environmental protection bureaus, construction site client systems, realize web-based real-time monitoring of pollution sources online data, on-site video monitoring, pollution sources exceeding the standard alarm, as well as various management and statistical analysis for different management.
Component nameRangeResolutionAccuracy
Temperature sensor -45-80℃ 0.1℃ ±0.5℃
Humidity sensor 0-100% 1% ±3%
Wind speed sensor 0-60m/s 0.1m/s ±0.3m/s
Wind direction sensor 16 bearing ±3°
Noise sensor 30-130db 0.1db ±0.5%F.S
PM2.5, PM10, TSP 0-10000ug/m³ 1ug/m³ ±10%F.S
Atmospheric pressure 30-110Kpa 0.01Kpa /
Light 1-65535Lux -45-80℃ /

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