EVOLUTION High performance Linux data logger according to CEI 13005 Standard


Nesa srl



8 to 32 @ 24bit differential inputs with C116 Exp. Each input provides max. 12Vdc@250mA power supply and voltage reference at 2.048Vdc
16 to 64 @ 24bit common mode inputs with C116 Exp. Each input provides max 12Vdc@250mA power supply and voltage reference at 2.048Vdc
2 @ 12bit bounded inputs for battery monitor and main power supply
3 @ 12bit optional, bounded inputs for internal pressure, temperature and humidity measurement.

Multiple programmable analog and digital outputs.

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Environment of Use Indoor
Type of Logger Multicanal
Measured Parameters Multiple
Number of Channels 24
ADC Bits 24 bit
With Display LCD
Communications Modbus RTU & Tcp, TCP-IP, HTTP, FTP, NTP, Telnet, SMTP, Socket, I2CBus, SDI-12, RS232/485 command line, ZigBee. Others as option

O S.O. Linux with Apache Web Server integrated
No software to install
Intuitive and powerful direct browser interface
Access from Ethernet, WiFi, USB, serial and remotely
Very high precision on all the @ 24 bit inputs
Compact and very low consumption, 100% operational
Integrated battery charge regulator
Source code web interface
Double-level user management to share on the same hardware different configurations
Programs and user scripts that can be shared online
Modular and expandable to a high number of I / O
Integrated barometer and temperature and humidity sensor (optional)

EVOLUTION represents the natural passage of the TMF series dataloggers, which have already been a great success for having been able to revolutionize the world of data acquisition systems, with the most modern technology, over ten years ago, bringing us today to the realization of this extraordinary product that for performance and ease use fears no rivals, and which promises a second technological revolution in the sector.
A highly accurate modular datalogger with Linux operating system, Apache web server and PhP interpreter, usable without any external and / or proprietary software, totally configurable via web, customizable with scripts and user programs shared over the network.

Multi-channel instrument, versatile and precise, for analogue, digital, frequencies and serial signals
High accuracy verified according to UNI CEI EN 13005 in category A
Up to 5 users can be activated with different totally independent configurations
Completa Complete protection against overcurrents and overvoltages
Multi-supply from solar panel, 12Vdc battery, external power supply.
24bit analogue and digital inputs for status, frequency and counting measurements

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