AO-K-EP70 Online TVOC Monitoring System




The AO-K-EP70 online monitoring system detects volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in any environment. Certified by CCEP for environmental protection.

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The AO-K-EP70 can be used in any environment that needs to detect VOCs. This product has passed the national CCEP environmental protection certification. The VOCs monitoring equipment sends the monitored data to the cloud through GPRS encryption. The cloud car be the cloud service platform of the environmental supervision unit or the cloud service platform of the production unit. The cloud service platform can send data to the client mobile phone through the wireless network or the wired network, or to the data center for data analysis, or can be transmitted to the client PC for the customer to view or print data, wherein the system device The data transmission protocol to the cloud uses the HJ212-2017 protocol.

Detecting GasTVOC (imported high performance PID sensor)Measure Range0-100ppm
Resolution 0.1ppm Indicative Error ≤10%F.S
Repeatability ≤3% Zero Drift ≤5%F.S
Response Time ≤20s Temperature 10-40℃
Humidity 20-90%RH Protection Grade IP65
Inclination Angle ≤45 Insulation Resistance ≥20M
Support data upload and docking, (Optional, support HJ212-2017 data transfer of pollution source Online detection system)

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