Data Garrison DG-SWS Satellite Weather Station




Key Advantages

Worldwide Satellite coverage
Plug-and-play compatibility with Onset HOBO Smart Sensors
Weather alerts are sent via text or email messages
Smart-charging solar technology
Automatically transmits data to user accounts at
Operates on Iridium’s truly global satellite network

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Type of Instrument Estación Meteorológica
The instrument measures: Multiple Parameters

The DG-SWS Internet-enabled climate stations have 4-in-1 sensors, transmitting temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, and light. There are also other sensors that can be added.

Researchers world wide use our satellite and cellular stations, which sync with

Each DG-SWS Station has an integrated solar panel and battery inside a weather-proof enclosure for roof-top or mountain-top environments. They operate on every continent, transmitting data from farms, green buildings, renewable energy systems, and coastal sites. Customers log into their account at to view or download data, set up sensor alarms or change logging parameters.

A complete, Internet-ready station with the following sensors included: temperature; relative humidity; barometric pressure; and light (other sensors available).
It comes with either a satellite or cellular modem and will automatically sync up with

Research-grade Dependability
DataGarrison Satellite Stations are solar-powered logging and transmitting devices, compatible with all HOBO Smart Sensors from Onset Computer Corporation. With the push of a button, the DataGarrison station transmits environmental data to secure online user accounts, and alerts users if sensors exceed user-defined alarm conditions. Users can monitor and configure DataGarrison devices remotely with an easy-to-use online interface at

All DataGarrison Stations are designed to survive in harsh environments—from -40 to 80 degrees Celsius and at any humidity level. The durable weatherproof enclosure is NEMA 6 rated and includes a GORETM vent to keep moisture out.
Mounting hardware is constructed from corrosion-resistant galvanized steel.

Proprietary smart-charging technology automatically compensates for temperature variations, maximizing DataGarrison’s battery life and power storage capacity. Power level is monitored and transmitted with sensor data for continuous monitoring.

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