3250ET WatchDog Wireless Station for Evapotranspiration


Spectrum Technologies


 Real-time ET (Evapotranspiration) data for effective irrigation for optimal yield and quality.

 Fully integrated wireless WatchDog 3250ET measures temperature, humidity, rainfall, and wind speed and direction, recording and communicating the data to the cloud via its internal modem or radio.

 With these sensors, SpecConnect can calculate ET and know how much water is coming out of your fields.

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Type of Instrument Estación Meteorológica

 Integrated Solar Power system for reliable power.

 Integrated Modem/Radio for reliable communications: available with a choice of cellular modems or other radios.

 Integrated Data Logger protects your data. Holds over 18 months of data at a 15-minute recording interval. Data can be transferred to a USB flash drive.

 Easy to install - be running in minutes. Mounts to a 1.25 inch mast. U-bolts included.

 Bluetooth connectivity to your Apple or Android smartphone running the free WatchDog Mobile App speeds setup and displays current conditions.

 Sends data to the SpecConnect Cloud Solution - View current conditions or historical data using a broad selection of analytical reports from anywhere in the world.

 Receive alerts via automated phone call, text message, and/or email immediately when temperature crosses your selected threshold - no waiting for the next scheduled upload.

 Customizable with plug-in sensors to meet your needs

 Receive the latest changes with over-the-air updates (also available via a USB flash drive).

 The durable enclosure provides moisture, corrosion, and UV protection for increased reliability in harsh environments.

Designed and manufactured in the USA to provide the quality data you can rely on.

Item 3250MU has an LTE-M cellular modem, providing LTE CAT-M1 and NB-IoT communications. Requires SpecConnect subscription.

Item 3250HU has a 3G/HSPA+ cellular modem. Requires SpecConnect subscription. (Not for use in the USA)

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