TLOG-WLS Wireless thermal flow meter for transmittance measurements


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TLOG-WLS thermal flow meter for transmittance measurements is characterized by the maximum accuracy in the data acquisition (24 bit resolution) as well as its great versatility and simple operation. Thanks to the use of four probes (for the  measure of the contact temperature) and one heat flux plate connected to the main TLOG-WLS unit through the proper wireless connection (made up of some completely independent  and proper remote units for the acquisition and transmission of data), the instrument the instrument takes the measurement of the transmittance values on opaque walls of whole buildings , as specifically required by the most recent normative regarding the energy-saving.
The recording modalities can be set by using the software in a very intuitive and quick way, in order to carry out the monitoring with the maximum accuracy and easiness.
TLOG-WLS thermal flow meter is also arranged for medium and long-term acquisitions and it is suitable for the measure of environmental parameters both on site and in laboratory.
The unit can also manage up to two optional couples of remote transmitting units WLS-2; WLS-3 in order to perform  the recording of the transmittance parameters in 3 different measurement areas in the same building in the same time.
All data acquired are downloaded on the PC and processed by GT-LAB software (provided with the equipment ) for the direct calculation (through the progressive average method) of the K coefficient (transmittance) and the parameters related to the thermal insulation of the building examined.

The instrument complies with ISO 9869 standard

Fields of use:

Acquisition of environmental parameters both on existing buildings (pre-restoration) in order to know the actual need of insulation necessary to comply with the parameters expected by the normative, and also on new building (post-restoration) in order to value the quality in terms of insulation of the work it has been carried out.



- Recording intervals: from 1s to 12h

- Clock: integrated with buffer battery

- Recording support: removable SD memory

- Data format: TSV, BMP

- Measurement type: relative or absolute


- Frequency: 2.4GHz

- Transmission power: 0dBm (14dBm on request)

- Receiver sensitivity: –96dBm

- Registry: IEEE802.15.4

- Visible range: 300m (1000m with 14dBm power)

- Range in buildings: 40m

 General data:

- Power supply: arrangement for external power supply unit

- Typical consumption: 30mA

- Case: IP-65

- Operating temperature: 0-60°C

- Dimensions and weight:  L 300 mm x W250 mm x H160 mm,  kg. 1

- Nominal measurement range: 54*10^-6 to 20000 W/Km^2.

Accessories included:

- n.1 TWLS-2 – Wireless unit (2 channels)

- n.1 TWLS-3 - Wireless unit (3 channels)

- n.4 TERM-4 - Thermometers

- n.1 PF-01 - Heat flux plate

- n.1 AL1215 - Power supply unit

- n.1 GT LAB - Processing software

- n.1 AWL1 - Folding antenna for wireless connection

- n.1 VACCMG - Components’ case

- n.1 MSD2 – SD memory

- n.1 Android terminal

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