System for sonic and ultrasonic measurements (AllinONE)




In a single device the possibility of performing 3 different types of tests!

- Kit CONTACT for sonic and ultrasonic measurements on concrete specimens, walls, stone materials.

- Kit MCHA for checking posts and diaphragms.

- Kit  P.I.T for Pile Integrity Test through vibrational methods such as Echo test and admittance

The ALL1.V1 replaces the previous model "CMS"

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Type of Instrument Sonic/ultrasonic tomography

All-in One  system is a rugged and reliable equipment with various dedicated piezoelectric sensors and probes.
All-in One is characterized by an A/D board multichannel and selectable sampling rates from 1OOHz – 10 MHz.
All acquired signals are displayed, computed and memorized directly on tablet  pre-installed MCH-sonic software. Connection  between All-in One system and tablet is via WiFi.

Sonic and ultrasonic tomography in rock masses and soils:

Measurement of the velocity of P and S waves and of the elastic dynamic moduli of soils, through a pair of holes or surfaces with tomographic technique.

Sonic and ultrasonic tomography of structures:

Measurement of the P and S wave velocities and of the dynamic elastic modules of concrete or masonry with tomographic technique.

Sonic Cross-Hole:

The cross-hole is a non-destructive analysis method that allows you to carry out an accurate high-resolution check of the quality of the structures of deep foundations (such as piles, diaphragms, etc.) by using ultrasound for definition of the framework crack of the investigated element.
It is also used in the consolidation of foundation soils, but also for the analysis of above-ground structures.

Echometer Tests:
Non-destructive vibrational tests in foundation elements by definition of the crack pattern of the element investigated.

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