SONIC15 Equipment for Sonic/Ultrasonic Test, Integrity Test


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SONIC15 is an instrumentation for non-destructive investigations using ultrasonic contact and sonic test on masonry with hammer trigger, which supports the expansion also for surveying on foundation piles with the methodology P.I.T. Pile Integrity Test. Despite the extremely compact dimensions of the unit, there is a large 7 "monitor with an integrated touch screen that allows immediate and effective use on site.The wave acquisition and display parameters can be easily changed in simple and immediate through the touch screen in order to already allow a first examination of the recorded data on site. SONIC15 can be used, according to the configurations, for surveys both on concrete and cement artefacts such as diaphragm piles or structural elements both on Depending on the type of investigation to be carried out, it is sufficient to connect to the instrumentation the necessary accessories such as probes of various frequencies for ultrasonic tests or impulsive sources instrumented or not for impact tests. to the new Controls digital sclerometer, Sonreb tests.

The method is based on the propagation velocity of the longitudinal ultrasonic waves inside a reinforced concrete structure. The propagation speed depends on the characteristics of the material such as elasticity, density, presence of voids, micro-cracks etc. From the detection of the parameters of: reflection, refraction, transit times (T.O.F.) and attenuation of the vibration energy it is possible to obtain information on:

- Homogeneity of the conglomerate

- Elasto-mechanical characteristics

- Entity, geometry and dislocation of singularities or internal defects, variations in time of the qualitative parameters of the concrete

Particular interest is the ultrasonic tests by which it is possible to evaluate the speed of transit of the pulses (known thickness and time). The primary objective of the Ultrasonic survey is to record the flight time (TOF, Time of Fly) and the subsequent calculation of the speed. For the detection of the propagation velocity of the longitudinal waves (P waves) it is therefore necessary to precisely detect the arrival of the first wave front. The ultrasound tests can be performed with:

- Direct method: When the transmitting and receiving probes are positioned respectively on the opposite faces of the selected element to be tested

- Semi-direct method: When the E / R probes are positioned on adjacent surfaces, usually orthogonal, of the test element

- Indirect method: When the E / R probes are positioned in the same face of the structural element being investigated


- Investigations by ultrasound in contact with direct method

- Investigation by ultrasound in contact with indirect method

- Investigation by ultrasound in contact with semi-direct method

- PIT Pile Integrity Test

- SONREB investigations

- Sonic investigations

- Sonic test on masonry




- CPU: CortexA8 @ 1 GHz, 500 MB RAM, 1GB Flash memory

- Display: 7 "capacitive TFT LCD

- Complies with the regulations: ASTM-C597- 09 and UNI EN 12504-4

- Graphical display of the acquired signal

- Interactive graph with zoom and cursor reading functions

- Automatic zoom function on the cursor or a settable time window

- Possibility to modify acquisition parameters during measurement

- Internal 13Ah lithium battery

- Consumption: 1.1A @ 5V

- Operating temperature 0-60 ° C

- Dimensions and weight: 220x180x60mm, 0.8Kg




- Signal range: ± 2.5 V

- Amplification factors: x1, x2, x4, x5, x8, x10, x16, x32

- Generator with two power levels: normal, high

- Bandwidth: 200kHz

- Ultrasonic filter: central frequency 50 kHz

- Mode: manual (with button or hammer) or automatic (repetitive in time)

kit includes:
- 1 SONIC15 instrument
- n.2 SC55 ultrasonic probes
- 1 instrumented hammer
- No.2 hammer tips with different hardness
- n.1 shoulder strap for free hand use
- 1 PVC reference material
- n.1 transport case
- 1 user handbook
- n.1 ultrasonic gel 250gil kit includes:
- 1 SONIC15 instrumentation
- 2 SC55 contact probes
- 1 instrumented hammer
- 3 noses of replacement stop for an instrumented hammer
- 1 shoulder strap for hands-free use
- 1 reference sample in PVC
- 1 transport suitcase
- 1 user manual
- 1 ultrasound gel 250g

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