KX612EM96 Electrode kit for V.H.R. electrical tomography and V.E.S. View larger

KX612EM96 Electrode kit for V.H.R. Electrical Tomography and V.E.S. (96 Channels)


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The kit includes everything necessary to carry out geoelectrical surveys with V.H.R. (Very high resolution - resolution: 24 bit) multielectrode in multichannel mode that allows to drastically reduce the recording time in 3D surveys. The instrument can manage 96 electrodes without using expansion boxes. The kit also includes all accessories and data processing software for V.E.S. Surveys (Vertical Electrical Survey).

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X612EM+ MAE response to new demands of high resolution and 3D analysis for geoelectrical measures. Instrument embeds all necessary for VES and multielectrode geoelectric prospection with 48, 72 and 96 embedded electrodes. Main feature of the instrument is the great performing speed both for 2D and 3D surveys, due to new and innovative data recording platform which allows data recording an almost all channels simultaneously. X612EM+ has "preview" function, which allows to visualize preview of pseudosection derived from all data just recorded on field. This function allows to immediately check recorded data. Instrument performs measurement or measurements cycle set bu user in automatic mode. Once concluded measurements, recorded data can be immediately visualized through "preview" function. Recording and data saving is made on internal Disk on Module memory or on disk on key USB. Unit is totally computerized and all operative functions are selected simply touching related menu on LCD color tranflective 12,2" monitor with embedded touch screen.

The 96 channel kit includes:

- n. 1 X612EM 96

- n. 1 power supply unit

- n. 4 24 takeouts 3 mt spacing cables

- n. 2 extension cables of 75 mt

- n. 96 cables for electrode connection

- n. 96 stainless steel electrodes

- n. 1 4 GB of USB memory

- n. 2 pens for touch screen

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