DTL201B/DTL202B: Uniaxial/Biaxial Digital Tilt Loggers


RST Instruments


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RST’s family of Digital Tilt Loggers are low cost, battery powered data loggers and tilt meter in a single, compact unit. They measure tilt in either one (uniaxial) or two (biaxial) perpendicular axes in the plane of the base and are intended to be permanently installed to provide long term observation with maximum resolution and sensitivity.

The DTL201B (uniaxial) and DTL202B (biaxial) Digital Tilt Loggers are designed for either manual monitoring or remote data acquisition. The optional radio antenna allows them to be incorporated into an RSTAR Array Radio System for automated, remote data acquisition. The optional radio antenna can also be used for enabling the DTL201B and DTL202B for RST’s DT Link which allows wireless collection of data logger data in hard to access areas.

Uniaxial or biaxial sensors available.
Battery powered for remote sites.
Range: ±15°
Resolution of ±2 arc sec, (±0.0006°) (0.01 mm/m).
Battery Life of > 1-2 years.
Communication through USB type B connector.
Memory size of 4 MB.
USB data transfer of > 5,000 data points per second.
Custom options for RSTAR.
Custom options for DT Link.

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