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ETBT Instrument for echometric tests


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The instrument ETBT is a complete system for non destructive structural tests on foundation poles.

The central unit is made up of an acquisition card, which thanks to the bluetooth technology, can be configured from any smartphone and makes the test simple and functional.

The data acquired are displayed in real time on the device, by allowing their immediate interpretation.

Once the test has been finished it is possible to immediately print on the site (opt.) the report test holding all the data of the survey.

Normative compliance: ASTM D5882-07


- Measure range: 2V – 5V

- Time bases: 10μs – 50μs

- Sample resolution: 12 bit

- Samples per event: 1024

- Band width: 100 KHz

- Measure channel: 1

- Accelerometer sensibility: 1 V/g

- Amplificatory gain: 26 dB


- Power supply: 3.3V DC, 2Ah internal battery pack

- Average absorption: 0,5A (standby) – 1A (while measuring)

- Available interfaces: BLUETOOTH and USB

- Data format: WAV and TXT

- Functioning environmental temperatures: -20/80 °C

- Dimensions: diam. 55mm, height 150mm

- Acquisition unit weight: 0.7kg

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