MAS24 Micro Seismic Recorder




Micro Seismic Recorder

  • High resolution integrated unit
  • 24 bit sampling
  • Dynamic >130db
  • Fulfills standards DIN45669, DIN4150-3-1 and UNI9916


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MAS24 Micro Seismic Recorder is a high resolution integrated unit (24 bit sampling and dynamic >130db) with 3 or 6 channels (upto 5 monoaxial or 2 triaxial accelerometers). The motion vibration acquisition unit fulfills standards DIN45669, DIN4150-3-1 and UNI9916.

Dymas 24 Seismic Recorder is used for both Microseismic & Vibrational studies. Its characteristics make it suitable for monitoring of civil and industrial structures or for natural or anthropic seismic monitoring.

The high resolution allows use in micro seismic fields or as a strong motion acquisition system The internal acquisition GPS receiver data can be synchronized with an absolute time reference and then correlated with other remote stations

Software packages for communication and configuration EDAXSOFT, data processing and visualization VIBROSOFT are also supplied.The unit in addition to recording signal in case of event , stores minimum and maximum values for all channels.

Type Converter Cristal 24 bit Sigma/Delta for each channel
Dynamic and Consum Dynamic > 130dB - consum 2,5w
Number of RAU channel 3 channel. Overvoltage protected differential inputs
Fonda Scala Conversion: 0.32 - 3.2 - 8 - 16 - 32 Volt PP
Useful: 0.2 - 2 - 5- 10 - 20 Volt PP
Frequency Conversion 31.25 - 50 - 62.5 - 100 - 125 - 200 - 250 - 400 - 500 Hz. Selectable via software
Corresponding band with 12.9 - 20.5 - 25.7 - 41.5 - 51.5 - 83 - 102.9 - 164 - 205.9 Hz
Anti-Aliasing Filter Digital filter FIR. Attenuation rate Nyquist (1/2 sampling frequency) di-130dB
Event Memory Standard on Compact Flash memory card scandisk with 512MB, (optional with memory card since to 2GB. Fat 16 formatting directly readable by PC.
Pre-trigger Since to 40.000 samples ( >100 seconds 3 channels of 125Hz) selectable via software in seconds (available option with extended pre trigger functions)
Logging Parameters Selectable via software: length post trigger, min length and max length single registration . Registration in sequence up to fill available space or circularly.
Channel Trigger Sta/Lta, Soglia/STA, Independentt threshold for each channel. Mode STA/LTA con ration independent of Trigger/Detrigger and partial Lta during event block. Weight of trigger and detrigger.
Trigger Filters Type Butterworth 6 dB/eight type high pass, low pass, band-pass or switchable step fixed via software. Possibility of transmission signal continues even after the filter.
Trigger Independent threshold triggers/Detrigger sum of weights of individual channels.
Time reference Absolute reference internal synchronized time and sampling pegged to reference by GPS satellite network, internal, external antenna receiver with cable length of 3 meters.
Synchronization network of aquisitor Sampling synchronization by GPS satellite network, maximum error 10 microseconds. Trigger recording synchronized via cable connection. Version available with registration activation time.
Ancillary Measures Supply voltage, temperature internal and two external sensors.
Transmission Format Communication protocols for sending alerts via SMS, unloading events via analog or ISDN modem, ADSL, GPRS, GSM, via internet/Lan, Even wireless (option). Continuous transmission signal formats 24 bits (3 and 6 channels) and 20 bis (type a, b or c). Data transmission format INGV, NETPAK, CERPAK.
Interface Serial data interface RS232 or Ethernet, Siemens MC 35 GSM Modem (Optional)
Power Supply Internal 7Ah battery, autonomy of operation 12 hours (without GSM modem). AC 110/220 Vac via car charger included. Prepared for connection of external solar panel (maximum power 40w)
Temperature Da - 20 a 70 gradi centigradi
Supplied Software Connection software and acquisition EDAXSOFT, setting parameters, transfer and storing events, monitor real time signal acquired and station events view. Program automatic alerts via SMS, data download via modem GSM, GPRS or also in internet on LAN. Serial program of aggregation and conversion events in ASCII format SEI-SAN, and ISMES-PRAXSOFT. Data processing software for data elaboration from VIBROSOFT vibrometric spectral analysis and measures (optional processing method Nakamura)

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