Rain Gauge with Data Logger HOBO UA-003-64 (Rain-o-Matic-HOBO)



Economical rain gauge. 2 Models available:

rain gauge (1 Reed output relay) with HOBO Recorder UA-003-64.
rain gauge (2 output Reed relays) with HOBO Recorder UA-003-64.

184,00 €

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Number of Channels 2: Temp + Events
ADC Bits 10 bit
With Display No
IP Classification IP67
Communications Optic
Battery Life 1 year +
Maximum Pulse Rate 1 Hz (1 pulse per second)
Memory Capacity 52K readings
The Sensor measures: Rain (rain gauge)
Output Signal: Pulses
Sensor for use in: Outdoor

The RAIN-O-MATIC-HOBO is an innovative product with a funcional design. This rain collector is conceived to be used outdoors and to connect it to a digital pulse counter. The UA-003-64 HOBO Logger is included.

For each mm of precipitation collected in the collector, an automatic emptying mechanism is activated. This process generates an impulse that is recorded by the counter or recorder* (not included), thus recording the number of impulses (= number of mm of rain).
The LCD counter or data logger* stores the accumulated precipitation, which can be read at any time on the LCD* display.

Rain-O-Matic has undergone 2 years of testing at the Danish Agricultural Testing Laboratory. In addition, after the results obtained, the State Body for Tests and Implements has placed it among one of the most accurate pluviometers in the world.

Rain-O-Matic is frost resistant, extremely reliable in operation and has an accuracy of no more than 2% over a two year period.

Includes Data Logger HOBO UA-003-64 for Events, Rainfall and Temperature.

Handling the Products of Onset Computer Corporation in Spain for more than 30 years.

- Rain collector, hole 5 x 10 cm = 50 cm2
- PCB No. 9601 has a male connection and a reed switch. The reed switch is NC - Normally Closed.
- Resolution: 1 mm rain pr. tip
- Calibration: 5 grams pr. Tip.

Sensor Specifications:

-     Resolution: 1mm

Electric specifications:

-     Output signal: 1 or 2 reed switches (depending on model)

Mechanical specifications:

-     Material: Styrosun®, ABS plastic and PA5
-     Dimensions: 100 x 99 x 50mm
-     Weight: 119g

See Specifications of the UA-003-64 HOBO Data Logger

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