DS1923-F5 iButton Relative Humidity & Temp Hygrochron (-20ºC to +85ºC 0-100%RH)



iButton Data Logger  for Relative Humidity & Temperature model Hygrochron (-20ºC to +85ºC & 0-100% HR)

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The Hygrochron DS1923 is a robust and self-sufficient data logger that measures temperature and humidity. The internal battery lasts up to 8 years. The stainless steel capsule is extremely resistant to harsh environments, mechanical shocks, humidity, dust and dirt. The memory stores up to 8192 samples, taken at configurable regular intervals from 1 second to 273 hours.

Cada Hygrochron tiene un número de identificación único gravado a laser durante la fabricación, para garantizar una trazabilidad única.

Existen varios acessorios de montaje disponibles para fijar el Hygrochron a casi cualquier objeto, incluyendo cajas, paletes, sacos, etc.

Para programar el Hygrochron es necessario el software ExpressThermo y un cable de comunication.

Temperature range

 -20 to +85ºC
 Humidity range  0 to 100%RH
 Memory  Up to 8192 readings (512 bytes for user memory)
Reading Interval  From 1 second to 273 hours
 Temperature Resolution  0,0625ºC or 0,5°C
 Humidity Resolution  0,04%RH or 0,6%RH
Temperature error Better than ±0.5°C (-10 to +65°C) with software correction 
 Humidity Error  Better than ±5%RH with software correction
Thermal Response Const.  130s for 60% full range
 Response Const. Humidity 30s for 50% of full range
 Delayed start
 From 1 minute to 11650 days or after alarming the temperature
 Battery  Lithium internal, non-replaceable
 Battery life  Up to 10 years, depending on operating conditions
 Dimensions [mm]  17,35x5,89 (Ø x h)
 Weight [g]  5g
 Clock Error  ±3 min./mes @ +25ºC

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