OMK610 Paint Oven Profiling System

Grant Instruments


Everything you need for paint oven temperature profiling and paint cure calculations in one easy to use and convenient system. Having over 40 years experience in the manufacture of oven recorders for the coatings industry, Grant has designed the latest OMK610 kits to boast many new features to assist in production quality control and reducing operating costs.

  • Enhanced thermal barrier giving maximum protection – now available with a heat absorbing insert
  • New fast response probes for both air and surface temperature
  • PaintView data storage, report generation and analysis included
  • Up to 6 temperature channels, storing up to 250,000 readings

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Environment of Use Indoor
Type of Logger Multicanal
Measured Parameters Temperature
Application Industrial Process Monitoring
Number of Channels 6 channels
Precision ±0.5°C
Resolution 0.1°C
With Display LCD
Communications USB
Memory Capacity 260,000 readings

Squirrel OMK610
Furnace Temperature Profiling System

Three OMK610 kits are available based on the OQ610 data logger, each come with PaintView software, thermal barrier, carry case and a quick start guide. A choice of temperature probes available for the OMK610-NP and OMK610 HS kits or choose the OMK 610 KIT1 which includes a set of 6 multifunction combined magnetic / clamp probes for air or surface temperature.

Stock codes

OQ610 logger with thermal barrier allowing operation to 250⁰C for up to 50 minutes – order probes separately

OQ610 logger with enhanced thermal barrier allowing operation to 250⁰C for up to 100 minutes – order probes separately

OQ610 logger, with enhanced thermal barrier allowing operation to 250⁰C for up to 100 minutes, USB connection cable, light weight carry case, Getting Started guide and PaintView software with CAL610 Calibration Certificate and 6 x TC-K-N3-3 combined magnetic/clamp probes for both surface and air temperatures.

Benefits of using the OMK610 kitsMeets paint manufacturers’ specified cure parameters

  • Maintains a specified level of cure ensuring repeatable quality
  • Maximises oven usage and throughput
  • Optimises oven running (energy) costs
  • Archives data and results as part of any quality control system or supplier audit trail
  • Line operators can use it without the need for a PC


  • The Squirrel OQ610 can record up to eight readings per second from each sensor and store up to 250,000 readings in its memory
  • Small, robust thermal barrier can now accept a stainless steel heat sink, which greatly extends the system performance (TB612)
  • At the end of the recording run, data is downloaded directly to PC for analysis and reporting using PaintView software
  • Up to 6 K-Type temperature probes can be connected to the logger. These probes can be clipped on to non-magnetic components or via a magnet
  • Configure the OQ610 logger for all oven applications
  • Clear Multilanguage LCD screen indicates cure % at the end of the cycle (English, German, French, Spanish and Italian)
  • Create paint cure data libraries (by manufacturer and / or paint type)
  • Set optimised cure temperature curves with upper and lower limits
  • Create graphical and statistical data reports via the Report Wizard, incorporating company logos and JPEG photographs

Process Loggers

  • OQ610-S
  • OQ610-S Concrete Maturity Meter
  • OMK610 Paint Oven Profiling System
  • PaintView Software
  • Through Process Data Logging System

General purpose temperature logger

Temperature profiling system for paint & finishing ovens

OQ610 OMK610 system
Analogue input channels 6 6
Input types:
– Temperature, K Thermocouple
– Temperature, T Thermocouple
Max number of readings (per second per channel) 8 8
Basic accuracy 0.5°C 0.5°C
Memory size/number of readings stored 0.25Mb 0.25Mb
USB communications
Set-up/analysis software SquirrelView or SquirrelView Plus* PaintView
Temperature probes optional optional select from 3 types
TB series thermal barrier (for ‘through process; monitoring in the food industry) optional n/a
TB612 thermal barrier (for use in paint and finishing ovens) 250°C for 100 minutes optional Select either TB612 or TB610
TB610 thermal barrier (for use in paint and finishing ovens) 250°C for 50 minutes optional Select either TB612 or TB610

*SquirrelView PC software is supplied as standard with every new Squirrel. SquirrelView Plus is available at extra cost.

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