AO-S-8000 Gas Monitoring System




Advanced S-8000 gas control system with LCD touch screen and visual and audible alarms for real-time gas concentration detection.

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The S-8000 Gas Monitor System is a RS485 signal controller system. It is used for detecting gas concentration in the air. The system could connect to detectors for different gases at the same time. The system adopts MCU as the control unit, with a large LCD touch screen, excellent gas sensor with high sensitivity and fast response. It will give visual and audible alarm when the gas concentration reaches or exceeds the preset alarm level to remind you to take effective actions in time and it could also start the ventilation fan and other equipment to prevent accidents and explosions.

Method Natural diffusion
Output signal RS485, relays
Cable signal RVVP, 4*0.5mm²
Work environment -40~70℃, ≤93%RH no dew
Response Time T9o≤30s
Working voltage DC24V士3.6V
Thread size M20*1.5
Sensor life More than 1 year
Product Size 154*138*66mm
Weight about 820g
Display LCD screen and LED light
Panel consumption ≤80W
Product size 34*27*10cm (about 7kg)
Working humidity ≤95% no dew
Operation temperature 0~40℃
Detector power supply DC24V±6V
Voltage AC220v 50/60Hz
Contact output Three passive contacts (consumption: 10A/250VAC or 10A/30vDC)
Input RS485 digital signal
Digital upload protocol Two RS485, supports MODBUS, O'reina

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